Creem coneixement i impulsem idees, normatives i projectes innovadors perquè tant les empreses, les administracions públiques com la ciutadania puguin tenir la possibilitat de gaudir d'un model de producció i de consumcap al Residu Zero, sense matèries tòxiques, ni productes que quedin sense ús.

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imatge_3juliol_tWilling to keep working for the reduction of plastic bags, this year we will celebrate the International Plastic Bag Free Day, that will be held on July 3rd.

Two years ago the Catalan Foundation for Waste Prevention and Responsible Consumption, with the support of municipalities, retailers, organizations, companies all over Catalonia and in the context of the “Catalonia free of bags” campaign, we declared July 3rd the International Plastic Bag Free Day
The aim of that day is aware society of the need to change the overconsumption of plastic bags and disposable products for more responsible and environmentally friendly habits. It is also a day to assess the results of the measures applied in different countries.

This year international organizations will join the initiative which will turn July 3rd in International Plastic Bag Free Day. Therefore it will be a day of celebration, reflection and exchange of experiences around the world.

In order to facilitate your participation, in May several materials will be uploaded at our Foundation website: communication tools (slogan, logo, poster, banner, leaflet, radio advertisement, video...), the statement for the July 3rd, a set of ideas of activities to develop the same day or during the week of June 28th to July 4th. We will also inform you about the conferences we are preparing in Barcelona and Girona, before July 3rd about the situation of plastic bag consumption and strategies to reduce it in Catalonia, Spain and also from an international perspective.

We will inform you through email and you can also consult the website.

Finally, we encourage you to join the celebration:
1. If you have already thought of an activity or idea, please send it so we can post it on the web.
2. If you have any idea or proposal, you can collaborate with us.
3. If you want to participate and do not know how, please let us know so we can help you.

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PosterA3 international bag free day 03 07 2015                                                 Poster international bag free day 2014

poster international bag free day 03.07.2015                    poster international bag free day 03.07.2014

         Poster international bag free day 2013                                                    Poster international bag free day 2012

   poster international bag free day 03.07.2013                poster international bag free day 03.07.2012

      Poster 2010 (photo 1)                                                                                 Poster 2010 (photo 2)

cartell int          cartell int2

     Poster 2010 (photo 3)                                                                                 Poster 2010 (photo 4)

cartell int3                  cartell int4