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5 good reasons to open a Library of Things

motius per obrir una biblioteca de les coses

The libraries of things are spaces for borrowing objects for sporadic use with significant environmental and social benefits. Since Nusos and Rezero inaugurated the first in the country, other initiatives have proliferated. Many of them advised by the two entities. Libraries of Things are one of those brilliant and necessary initiatives that are here to […]


COVID-19: Alianza Residuo Cero calls on the Government not to give in to the plastics industry and support effective waste management

COVID-19 is causing a serious lack of control in the urban waste management as, among other things, manual separation has been stopped in sorting plants. The industry is already pushing to delay the transposition of legislation limiting single-use plastics. The European Commission calls on the Member States not to lower their recycling rates and opt […]


Rezero takes part in the public consultation of the Ministry of Finance on the introduction of a tax for single-use plastic items

Rezero has taken part in the Ministry of Finance’s public consultation on the introduction of a tax levied on single-use plastic articles intended to contain or protect food goods or products. Rezero supports the Spanish Government’s initiative and suggests several measures for a correct implementation. • Expand the tax to cover all single-use containers and […]


Manacor city works on a prevention plan with Rezero

We have been working for a couple of months on the Manacor Municipal Waste Prevention Plan. The Prevention Plan is a transformative instrument that allows defining, structuring and scheduling actions to prioritize waste prevention at the municipal level. With more than 42,000 inhabitants, Manacor is a city in Mallorca that generates more than 25,000 tons […]


We are part of the Catalan Government’s working group on improving packaging management

On February 25th the Catalan government has set up a working group on improving packaging management with the participation of several of its areas and the local world, the business sector and unions, the packaging, trade and distribution sectors, integrated packaging waste management systems and environmental and consumer organizations. They are scheduled to meet every […]