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A space for information, analysis and debate
In this area we publish innovative reports and studies, carry out pilot tests and, furthermore, we generate debate to jointly test solutions towards the future society we long for.
RezeroLab is a Rezero field looking beyond the current situation where we generate knowledge and test initiatives towards a Zero Waste society.

Zero Waste Society

How do you envision future society?
We explain the projects which give meaning to the Zero Waste future.
Together with the collaboration of different agents we build a society that values the resources provided by natural systems and integrates all materials in cyclical processes, without toxic materials, or products that are left unused.


What can you do?
At Rezero we look for new solutions to extend the life of products and materials, to facilitate their reuse and to eliminate domestic waste generation.
We test and promote them at social, administrations and company level. Within our own fields of experience, we put knowledge and experience at the service of companies and administrations to develop proposals adapted to each need.

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The #Rezero Kit will help you to have a waste-free consumption in your daily life. It is made up of reusable products.

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Highlights Rezero

Zero Waste Society

Zero Waste Festival

We know that you, individually or with your organization, are making efforts for a better future where the effects of the ecological crisis are mitigated and people’s well-being grows. That’s why we want to invite you to the Zero Waste Festival that we organize from Rezero.

Zero Waste Society

Under the "Take plastic off your head!" slogan we want to dethrone the single-use culture

To change the use and dispose model into the reuse culture, no single-use bag should be free.

On July 3rd the International Bag-Free Day is celebrated. Created and promoted by Rezero, it leads a worldwide movement throughout the month of July against single-use plastic or plastic free july.

Idees circulars, résultats rodons

Do you want to know Balearic initiatives and companies that carry out inspiring and referential actions?

We make a total of 17 experiences visible, these are from different productive and commercial sectors, located in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Balearic initiatives and companies that carry out inspiring and leading actions in waste prevention and responsible consumption, be it from eco-design, local and organic production, repair, reuse, recycling, preventive waste management or any other activity that allows progress towards a circular economic model based on zero waste.