“State of Zero Waste Municipalities Report” is presented, where Rezero is a strategic part of it

This 4th edition of the State of Zero Waste Municipalities Report looks back at 2023, spotlighting innovative local initiatives across Europe that promote environmental and community benefits. Despite facing urgent challenges, including record heat in 2023, this report aims to inspire hope by showcasing the progress towards zero waste cities. It celebrates the tireless efforts of local […]


68 entitats de tot l’Estat demanen al nou Govern la posada en marxa com més aviat millor del Sistema de Dipòsit per a envasos de begudes reutilitzables i d’un sol ús a Espanya

Organitzacions que treballen en tots els territoris de l’Estat contra la contaminació dels envasos de begudes s’uneixen en un manifest conjunt per exigir al nou Executiu de Sánchez i Ribera el desplegament per complet la Llei de Residus i el Reial Decret d’Envasos perquè el retorn de llaunes, ampolles i brics en botigues i supermercats […]


The reuse of packaging, increasingly protected by law

normativa que regula la reutilització d'envasos

In 2022 new regulations that regulate the reuse of packaging when buying food products were applied. A key aspect is the exemption from liability of businesses in the face of possible poisoning. — 2022 was a good year for the extension of the practice of reusing packaging. Three new regulations protect the use of reusable […]


8M2023 – For regulations in favor of toxic-free menstruation: fairness, accessibility and health

On March 8, 2023, the United Nations wants to pay tribute to women and organizations that are fighting for the advancement of transformative technology and for women’s access to digital education. A transformative technology and access to education must be accompanied by information that is independent of economic interests and that allows women an active […]


5 good reasons to open a Library of Things

motius per obrir una biblioteca de les coses

The libraries of things are spaces for borrowing objects for sporadic use with significant environmental and social benefits. Since Nusos and Rezero inaugurated the first in the country, other initiatives have proliferated. Many of them advised by the two entities. Libraries of Things are one of those brilliant and necessary initiatives that are here to […]


Enviromentalist colectives, feminist and health area demand to the governs eradicate toxics from mestrual products and claim more transparency to the companies.

Enviromentalist, economic, feminist and health colectives have been summon in front of Woman Hospital and Child Hospital for a reason. They demand the governs the prohibition of toxic substances in menstrual products and require the companies to inform about their composition.      They have demonstrated the number of toxics that menstrual products contain through the stage […]


Cigarette Waste. Impacts and opportunities

Every citizen can pay 21€ per year for a road cleaning of cigarette waste that should be assumed by the tobacco manufacturer. Rezero presents the report “Cigarette Waste. Impacts and opportunities from an environmental, economic and regulatory perspective“ which describes the environmental and economic impacts generated by cigarette waste and which presents various technical, economic […]


The EU accepts the complaint from 16 entities made to the Spanish State for low performance in waste management

National Organizations and Organizations from different territories in Spain come together in a historic step to demand from Vice President Ribera and the Spanish Executive an urgent change of course. European regulations required Spain to reuse and recycle 50% of municipal waste by 2020, an objective that the demand to the European Commission shows that […]