Zero Waste Society

How do you imagine our the future society?

It is a society that values ​​the resources provided by natural systems and integrates all materials into cyclical processes, without toxic materials or products that are left unused.

A society aware of what it gets from nature and that respects the environment and people. That promotes a dignified life for all, stimulating the well-being and growth of people and democratic and equitable ways. A society that prioritizes personal relationships, in an open and supportive way.

We explain the projects that give meaning to this projection.


Idees circulars, résultats rodons

Circular ideas, round results

This is a compilation of Balearic initiatives and companies that carry out inspiring actions and references in the prevention of waste and responsible consumption, from ecodesign, local and ecological production, repair, reuse, recycling, management prevention of waste or any other activity that allows progress towards a circular economic model based on zero waste. The eco-publishing […]

Comerç Verd

Comerç Verd

Society is increasingly aware of its consumption and seeks establishments that offer products and services that are more respectful towards the environment and our health. Comerç Verd (Green Store) is an initiative designed to identify and publicize those small local businesses that have such an offer for sale. These are characterized by the sale of […]


Remenja’mmm Balears

Approximately one third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted. Coping with this loss represents an opportunity to achieve a triple benefit: for the climate, for food security and the sustainability of our agri-food systems. The generation and waste of food surpluses is a problem that originates in different spheres and socioeconomic sectors […]


New Period

Sign manifesto here: http://bit.ly/signmanifesto Single use menstrual products generate big quantities of waste that end up in incinerators, dumping or abandoned in the environment. Tampons and pads are within the top 10 single use plastics found on beaches and ocean surfaces. It has been estimated that in Catalonia (2019) and the Balearic Islands (2018), more […]

Consum Conscient

I am a Conscious Consumer

I am a Conscious Consumer In Catalunya, the alarming figure of 1.35 kg of municipal waste per person per day is generated. More and more people fight this trend through their daily habits. With the #JøCøcø campaign, Rezero wants to amplify these individual positive experiences of conscious consumption, connect them with each other and highlight […]



The main objective of the reWINE project is to demonstrate the viability of a sustainable system for the collection, cleaning, and reuse of glass bottles in the Catalan wine industry. The project involves consumers, producers, bars, restaurants, wholesalers and shops to make a pilot study of the reuse of wine bottles, from washing, labelling, bottling […]

No volea una salut de plàstic

Plastic In the Spotlight

Lately, under the pretext of the service, protection and hygiene of products, disposable plastic packaging, take away containers and overpackaging have proliferated.   Aside from affecting natural ecosystems – especially our seas and oceans – there are studies that claim that plastic components are present in our bodies and can have health effects.   At […]

Pont alimentaire

Pont Alimentari

Every year 260,000 tons of food are thrown away in Catalunya. These wasted foods are equivalent to the food needs of 500,000 people during a year. At the same time, 22% of the Catalan population lives below the poverty line. Food waste is therefore a complex problem that goes beyond the environmental sphere and that, […]



Every year over 260,000 tons of food waste are generated in Catalunya, 16% of which comes from the restaurant sector. Part of this food surplus can be addressed through prevention and reuse projects, such as Pont Alimentari, but there is an important part that is not being addressed. This is the surplus generated by the […]


Deposit Return Systems

If Europe is to move towards a circular zero waste economy, then it must create systems and initiatives that retain the value of materials by reusing them over and over again, using recycling as a last resort to ensure that no waste is leaked into the environment. Deposit Return Systems (DRS) have proven to be […]

Catalunya Lliure de Bosses

Plastic Bag-Free Catalunya

The international Plastic Bag-Free Day movement, which takes place every 3rd of July, was promoted by Rezero in 2006. The fight for the elimination of plastic bags is key; on the one hand, because of their high content of polluting elements and because they are hardly recyclable, but above all because they are the emblematic […]