Every year 260,000 tons of food are thrown away in Catalunya. These wasted foods are equivalent to the food needs of 500,000 people during a year. At the same time, 22% of the Catalan population lives below the poverty line. Food waste is therefore a complex problem that goes beyond the environmental sphere and that, given the existing social needs, is even more unsustainable and unjustifiable.

Pont Alimentari (Food Bridge) is a project promoted by Rezero and the Fundació Banc de Recursos. The campaign aims to take advantage of the food surplus from the retail distribution, catering and restaurant sectors by donating it to social entities that support vulnerable groups (children, sick people, the elderly, soup kitchens…). The campaign also works to prevent this waste by offering diagnosis of the food thrown away as well as suggesting customized good practices for companies in these sectors that request them.

Likewise, it raises awareness to both the customers and staff of donor companies and the general population regarding the environmental and socio-economic benefits associated with the reduction of food waste.


Other projects


Every year over 260,000 tons of food waste are generated in Catalunya, 16% of which comes from the restaurant sector. Part of this food surplus can be addressed through prevention and reuse projects, such as Pont Alimentari, but there is an important part that is not being addressed. This is the surplus generated by the […] More

Plastic Bag-Free Catalunya

The international Plastic Bag-Free Day movement, which takes place every 3rd of July, was promoted by Rezero in 2006. The fight for the elimination of plastic bags is key; on the one hand, because of their high content of polluting elements and because they are hardly recyclable, but above all because they are the emblematic […] More

Comerç Verd

Society is increasingly aware of its consumption and seeks establishments that offer products and services that are more respectful towards the environment and our health. Comerç Verd (Green Store) is an initiative designed to identify and publicize those small local businesses that have such an offer for sale. These are characterized by the sale of […] More