We create knowledge and promote innovative ideas, regulations and projects so that both companies, public administrations and citizens can have the opportunity to enjoy a model of production and consumption towards Zero Waste, without toxic materials or products that are left without use.


Rezero yearns for a society that values the resources provided by natural systems and integrates all materials into cyclical processes, without toxic materials, or products that are left unused.

A society that is aware of what it gets from nature and that respects the environment and people. This promotes a dignified life for all, stimulates people’s well-being and growth and democratic and equitable decision-making. A society that prioritizes personal relationships, in an open and supportive way.


With this vision, we seek new solutions to extend the life of products and materials by facilitating their reuse and to eliminate the generation of household waste. We test and promote these at social, administrations and company levels.


Rezero wants to carry out this mission with a profile that is defined in all the initiatives it carries out and which integrate the following values:

Critical vision

See today’s society challenges and face them without delay, or subterfuge, in order to identify those that emerge and point out answers for the future.

Innovation and ability to set trends

To look for the most suitable solutions, in spite of the difficulties, and for the mechanisms to make them known generating currents of knowledge and change in society and the administrations.

Rigor and quality work

Develop professional proposals based on proven sources, delving into all the elements that must make up new proposals to obtain high quality, solvent and efficient results.


Integrate diverse perspectives to achieve more complex and resilient results which are more adaptable to the different realities that shape our societies.

Networking: Sharing goals and perspectives with people, organizations and groups in our country and around the world. Find shared solutions and learn from each other’s experiences.

Learning and personal growth

Learning every day as a personal path in which the workplace becomes a space for growth as professionals and as people.

Capacity for political and social advocacy

Transforming our society by offering the appropriate and verified information and showing alternatives that allow society to move towards a more equitable, responsible and environmentally safe horizon.

Work Areas

  1. Creation and socialization of knowledge
  2. Strategic campaigns
  3. Public and private transformative plans and policies
  4. Legislative initiatives