RezeroLab Data

Reuse and preparation for reuse

Data from Balearic Islands

In the European hierarchy of waste management, reuse and preparation for reuse occupy one of the main rungs, being the most important actions after waste prevention. Even so, it is observed how, in practice, they do not have a significant representation within the current management system.

To guarantee the reintroduction to the market of materials with the potential to be reused and to boost second-hand markets, measures must be adopted to increase the quality and quantity of their selective collection. It is necessary to highlight the high potential for job creation which involves the recovery and repair of materials.

Evolution of the quantity of materials reused and prepared for reuse out of the total separely collected in the Balearic Islands

Source:Fundació Deixalles and Caritas of Menorca
Note: Data could only be obtained from associations and recovery companies of Fundació Deixalles and Caritas. The materials with the highest reuse rate are represented: textiles, bulky waste and WEEE.

In the last 5 years, the amount of reused textile, bulky and WEEE material has stagnated. Even so, the percentage of reused materials of the total amount of textiles and bulky products collected for reuse is quite high (over 60%), which means that the management systems and the quality of the materials that are recovered are good enough, and that emphasis must be placed on promoting mechanisms that allow for increased selective collection of these.