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Single-use nappies

Data from Catalunya

Despite the existing reusable alternatives, single-use nappies continue to be the mostly used option and their consumption is closely related to birth rates.

Although singe-use nappies have a very low durability and cause a great environmental impact (multi-material products, use of plastics, high recycling complexity), these are products that are not currently adhered to any extended producer responsibility system (EPR) that guarantees that manufacturers assume the costs of the waste they generate.

Evolution of the estimated consumption of single-use nappies in Catalonia and the number of users

Source:Alimarket and the Institute of Statistics of Catalonia
NOTE: The population aged 0 to 2 years has been considered. The average consumption of nappies per capita per year has been estimated at 2.190 units and the weight of the nappy after use is about 200g.

The consumption of single-use nappies in Catalonia represented a waste generation of 78,200 tons in 2022. All this waste is managed as a rejection fraction and represents 2% by weight of the total waste generated in Catalonia.