Call to participate in ‘Remenja’mmm’s 3rd edition Best Initiative Award

Remenja’mmm, a project promoted by Rezero, Banc de Recursos and the gsr group, announces the third edition of the Remenja’mmm Awards, a competition for those restaurants that carry out best practices to reduce food waste.

Let us remember that a third of the total world food production destined for human consumption ends up wasted and that’s why there must be a change of consciousness of all the agents that take part in the food cycle.

The contest is part of the “Remenja’mmm” project, which promotes the reduction of food waste in the catering sector and makes good practices of committed catering professionals visible.

Until March 31st, 2020, all those restaurants, hotels or menu bars that are already adhered to the “Remenja’mmm” project and also any establishment (of the mentioned categories) in Catalunya and the Balearic Islands that takes one or more actions to reduce food waste in their day to day can put themselves forward as candidated.

To participate in the call, you must fill out the form (with details of the establishment, the person responsible for the registration and the description of the good practice that is presented). You can check the rules here.

The award’s jury will be made up of representatives from public administrations, collaborating companies and leading people in the catering world who will select the best initiatives presented, evaluating the duration of the action, the scope of incidence (reduction, use or donation of food surpluses), efficiency, impact on communication, the phase of the food cycle which is influenced and the degree of innovation and integration with other actions.

The jury will be made up of the following institutions and individuals: Catalan Waste Agency, Barcelona City Council, Intercomarcal Federation of Hospitality, Restoration and Tourism, Opcions magazine, Barcelona Sustainable Restaurants, Banc de Recursos and Rezero, Ada Parellada from Semproniana restaurant, Mingo Morilla from Cal Mingo restaurant, Manuel Bruscas (co-author of Real Tomatoes Are Ugly) and the the last edition’s winners (Esbioesfera restaurant, from Cardedeu, and SOPA, from Barcelona).

The best initiative will be awarded and recognized by these administrations and project collaborators as the best Remenja’mmm action of 2020. The members of the jury will also be in charge of delivering the award.

The names of the winners will be published on Remenja’mmm’s website and on social networks (facebook, twitter and instagram) within a maximum of three months from the submission of applications’ deadline.

Remenja’mmm project

Remenja’mmm’s project, promoted by Rezero, Banc de Recursos and gsr group aims to raise awareness, both to consumers and the restaurant and hospitality sectors, in the prevention of food waste by offering proposals and alternative actions for its reduction.

The campaign started three years ago and began by offering a practical solution (a specially designed and attractive bag) to recover the surplus generated by diners at restaurants. The campaign, which has the collusion of the restaurateurs, follows a fun, close, attractive and emotional tone.

Adhering to the campaign is free of charge and only requires the hotel and restaurant’s commitment to reduce food waste and be proactive with their customers to normalize the habit of taking away their leftovers. The shipment of the materials has the logistical collaboration of FullSafeLogistics.

Driving organisations

Rezero (Fundación Prevención de Residuos) is an entity that seeks to change the model of production and consumption towards Zero Waste, promoting actions and policies for waste prevention and networking with economic and social agents. In the area of ​​food waste, it promotes the Pont Alimentari together with the Banc de Recursos Foundation.

The Banc de Recursos Foundation was born 20 years ago with the desire to fight for a fairer distribution of wealth and a more responsible consumption model. It promotes the reuse of companies’ materials and equipment (surplus or used but that are still in good condition), offering them to social entities through the Pont Solidary (solidarity bridge). In the food sector, it promotes the reduction of waste through the Pont Alimentari project, which it develops together with Rezero.

With 20 years of experience and several successes achieved, gsr group is an organization, promotion and communication company dedicated exclusively to the fields of food, hospitality, catering, gastronomy and oenology. Specialist in large gastronomy productions, both locally, nationally and internationally, gsr group also has an agency which has worked which some of the projects with the most personality on the national gastronomic scene. Grupo gsr has its own digital gastronomic magazine (www.7canibales.com), leader in the dissemination of gastronomic and oenological conten

For more information you can contact:

Mariona Ortiz, coordinator
Tel: 93 217 71 54 i 679 416 825

Laia Carulla, Project Manager
Tel: 93 668 61 07