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Consumption of plastic bags

Data from Europe

This indicator provides information on the consumption of lightweight plastic bags (bags with or without handle, made of plastic, which are provided to consumers at the point of sale of products or goods and which are less than 50 microns thick) according to Directive (EU) 2015/720.
This Directive requires Member States to take measures to achieve a reduction in the consumption of plastic bags and to report their annual consumption as a monitoring system for their reduction.

Lightweight plastic bags consume a large amount of resources during the production phase and generate serious impacts on the environment once they become waste.

Evolution of the total number of plastic bags consumed in the EU, and the number of plastic bags consumed per capita


Since 2018, a reduction in the consumption of plastic bags per inhabitant has been observed in Europe, from around 94 bags per year to around 77 bags per year in 2021, a reduction of 19%.
This fact is due to the implementation of different European regulations that have banned the free delivery of bags of any plastic material at points of sale of goods or products.