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Destination of waste

Dades de les Illes Balears

Taxes or fees on the deposit of waste in landfills, incineration and co-incineration of waste, are economic instruments that aim to encourage more environmentally friendly behavior by economically penalizing the destination of the rejection fraction for final treatments. Any preventive waste management strategy carried out by local authorities that entail a reduction in waste sent to final treatments will entail direct savings for municipalities. On the other hand, increasing selective collection also represents a direct improvement in the economic balance of municipal waste management, due to the increase in income linked to Integrated Management Systems, the return of the fee and the sale of material.

Evolution of the destination of waste in the Balearic Islands

Source:Govern de les Illes Balears, Consells Insulars de Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa i Formentera
NOTE: this data includes ordinary residual fractions (paper and cardboard, light packaging, glass and rejection flux), and are not included non-ordinary fractions collected and industrial waste.

Incineration accounts for 53% of the collected waste, while landfills account for 16%. Final treatment is the destination for 69% of the waste generated in the Balearic Islands.