RezeroLab Data

Municipalities with a Door to Door waste collection

Data from Catalunya

The Door to Door (DtD) collection system is related to an increase in selective collection. The selective collection data show how main selective fractions (organic, paper and cardboard, light packaging and glass) have a higher collection percentage in municipalities where a DtD system is carried out than in municipalities with other systems, especially in the case of the organic fraction.
In addition, it also facilitates the implementation of other waste management systems, such as payment per generation.

Evolution of the number of municipalities in Catalonia that have a Door to Door waste collection system and the number of municipalities with a separate collection ratio higher than 60%

Source:Association of Catalan municipalities for a Door to Door collection and the Waste Agency of Catalonia

The number of municipalities with selective collection higher than 60% experiences an increasing trend very similar to that of the number of municipalities with door-to-door implementation.
In 2018 there was a very significant increase in municipalities added to these waste collection systems, many of them with populations of more than 5 thousand inhabitants, a fact that greatly increased the percentage of the population affected by this service.