RezeroLab Data

Single-use menstrual products

Data from Catalunya

Currently, single-use menstrual products (pads and tampons) continue to be the most used option among menstruating people, despite the multiple reusable alternatives that exist (menstrual cups, reusable pads and panties, menstrual sponge).

Such menstrual products are characterized by having a very low durability and a very high recycling complexity, which is why they are collected and treated with the rejection fraction or, in the worst case, thrown into the natural environment. Even so, these products are not subject to any extended producer responsibility (EPR) system.

Evolution of the waste generation associated with the consumption of single-use menstrual products and the number of menstruating people in Catalonia

Source:Prepared by Rezero on the basis data from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics
NOTE: Considered: female population aged 13-49 years; average product consumption per menstruation: 32 units; product weight after use: 12 grams; number of menstruations per year: 13.

It is estimated that a person, throughout their entire menstrual life, can use more than 15 thousand units of single-use menstrual products.

In 2022, it is estimated that 763 million units of single-use menstrual products were consumed in Catalonia, equivalent to 9.150 tonnes of waste.