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Selective collection of waste

Data from Catalunya

This selective collection indicator shows the percentage of municipal waste that is collected separately by citizens and businesses in order to be able to recycle it, and thus save resources and energy necessary for the manufacture of products.

Evolution of the amount of waste separately collected, and the percentage of gross selective collection of waste out of the total waste generated in Catalonia

Source:Waste Agency of Catalonia
GSC = gross selective collection // The other fraction includes self-composted organic waste and the following selectively collected waste: vegetal and gardening waste, bulky waste, wood, WEEE, metals, vegetable oils, textiles, waste in small quantities and other selective collections.

The percentage of gross selective collection in Catalonia has not stopped growing in recent years and in 2022 the highest figure recorded, 46.7%, was reached.
Of all the fractions, the organic fraction has seen the greatest increase in tons collected, being collected in 2022, 15 times more than in 2000.