COP25 presents the Balearic Waste Law as an example for compliance with the Paris Agreements

The Councillor of Environment and Territory of the Balearic Islands, invited by Rezero and Ecodes, have attended the first assembly of the body that will ensure compliance with the objectives against climate change.

The Councillor of Environment and Territory, Miquel Mir, and the general director of Environmental Education and Waste, Sebastià Sansó, explained the content of the Waste and contaminated soils Law in the first assembly of the #PORELCLIMA community, the multi-stakeholder platform that proposes to ambitiously implement the Paris agreements in Spain.

Councillor Mir was very pleased to have been able to participate in the event. “When we presented the draft Law, many accused us of being bold and warned that Europe would not allow it. Today, the Waste Law is in line with the new European disposable plastics directive and allows the Balearic Islands to become a benchmark at COP25”, he claimed.

On his behalf, Sansó assured that “prevention and reuse, which are the main bets of this Law, are the most effective tools to fight climate change with respect to production.” The general director of Rezero, Rosa García, added that “if COP25 is a call to action, we are happy to accompany the Balearic government today, since we consider that the Balearic Islands Waste and Contaminated Soils Law is a great exercise of responsibility with the territory and future generations by all the actors who have participated: environmental, business, island councils, the government and parliamentary groups, and at the same time, it’s a roadmap towards transforming the production and consumption model. A determined, hopeful and inspiring plan of action to advance towards zero waste society in the islands and all territories. “

Source: Rezero