The “Balearic Islands towards Zero Waste. Current situation and indicators for the transition”

Rezero has presented “The Balearic Islands towards Zero Waste. Current situation and indicators for the transition”, a pioneering work that provides a joint and transversal vision of the production and consumption model in the Balearic Islands. Specifically, the results and trends that we find on the island of Menorca have been exposed.

The presentation took place at the Insular Council of Menorca, with the assistance of Sebastián Sansó, General Director of Waste and Environmental Education of the Balearic Government, as well as representatives of the Council and of the different Minorcan municipalities.

The report contains a new analysis framework with indicators that allow to assess the Balearic situation following strategic aspects to move towards zero waste: prevention and generation of waste, waste management and treatment, consumption, expanded responsibility to the producer and municipal policy.

Among the 28 indicators analysed there is waste production per inhabitant and year, selective collection rates and trends according to the season of the year. In the case of Menorca, it was found that:

• Each Minorcan produces – voluntarily or promoted by the production and distribution system – an average of 686 kilos of municipal waste per year.

• Selective collection is stagnant at 18.9% and the dynamics of returnable packaging has decreased dramatically. Currently only 16% of packaging is reusable.

• It is relevant that during the months of maximum tourism, waste increases by 154%, while selective collection only increases by 1%.

These are some of the data that demonstrate how waste prevention policies are insufficient and the production of waste on the island continues to increase.

By correctly applying the waste hierarchy and taking measures that promote waste management as close as possible to the point of generation, the generation of greenhouse gases -that currently account for 3.5% of total emissions- could be reduced.

Proposals for Zero Waste Balearic Islands

Rezero has also presented proposals for Menorca’s path to zero waste. These include:

1. Regulate the sale and distribution of disposable items (bags, trays, glasses, dishes, straw, sticks, razors, toners, etc.) in the Balearic market, in public offices and at public events and celebrations.

2. Ensure compliance of the obligation of selectively collecting 100% of the organic fraction.

3. Reduce food waste effectively and promote a social pact for this reduction.

4. The new Balearic law on waste and contaminated soils can help to deal with this problem because now it is urgent to move quickly and decisively towards a society that does not mortgage the future, has a fair vision of responsibilities and takes into account the planet’s resources.

5. The report has had the support of the Ministry of the Environment and Territory of the Government of the Balearic Islands and that of Fundació Marilles.

For further information: Comunicació Rezero Balears