We are part of the Catalan Government’s working group on improving packaging management

On February 25th the Catalan government has set up a working group on improving packaging management with the participation of several of its areas and the local world, the business sector and unions, the packaging, trade and distribution sectors, integrated packaging waste management systems and environmental and consumer organizations. They are scheduled to meet every fortnight and reach conclusions before summer.

This group is framed, on the one hand in the current process of elaboration by the Government of the normative text for the future Catalan Law on prevention and management of waste and efficient use of resources, and on the future transposition of European directives on waste, the declaration of a climate emergency and society’s growing awareness on single-use plastics and packaging impacts on ecosystems and human health.

At Rezero we consider that this workspace where all the agents of the production, distribution and consumption chain and the Catalan administration itself are represented, should become an opportunity to place commitments, real actions and fiscal measures on the table which allow progress towards a zero waste Catalan society. In this sense, we will work towards the reduction of over-packaging and single-use packaging, the recovery and dignity of reuse, the deployment of expanded producer responsibility, the implementation of the deposit and return system and a taxation which is fair to the environment and our health.

Source: Rezero, 2019